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Principal Investigators

Dr. David Allison MD, FRCPC (Principal Investigator) serves Eastern Health as Medical Officer of Health and is also a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Division of Community Health at the Faculty of Medicine of Memorial University of Newfoundland. Dr. Allison has worked in public health settings in New Brunswick, Alberta and Saskatchewan and internationally in several countries. Dr. Allison and a group of colleagues have worked with Dr. Trevor Bell for several years in reviewing and assessing the lead issue in St. John’s.


Dr. Trevor Bell (Principal Investigator) is Professor of Geography at Memorial University. His research expertise focuses on landscape history from a variety of perspectives, including geological history, climate change impacts and human adaptations. Trevor is primarily a field scientist with ongoing projects in Arctic Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Ireland. He is co‐founder of the Labrador Highlands Research Group and the international Submerged Landscapes Archaeological Network. He is the Eastern Arctic theme leader for ArcticNet, the Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada. He recently co‐wrote with Dr. Allison an invited paper on environmental lead levels in St. John’s in the International Geology Review, special issue on Earth Materials and Health: A Global View.


Jacinthe David (Principal Investigator) is currently a Senior Evaluator for the Risk Management Bureau, Health Canada. After earning a M. Sc. in Environmental Geography from the University of Montreal, Jacinthe joined the federal government in 2001. She has held various senior positions in Ottawa and St. John's dealing with environmental health issues. She has experience in the risk assessment and management of contaminated sites, development projects, and chemical substances. Jacinthe has also worked for the private sector as a consultant, researcher and contractor.